Blueberry Donut Canada E-liquid


A great Cheap Canada E-liquid treat with none of the guilt. We've taken a classic favourite with the richness you remember and turned it into an all day Cheap Canada E-liquid delight. This is an old fashioned glazed donut filled with blueberry jam.  


TOP NOTES Blueberry, Pastry
EXPERIENCE Bold and Fruity

Customer Reviews

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Poor flavor

Just got this juice today I have to say you get what you pay for, if you don't mind a low flavor juice that it's not too bad but i don't see myself purchasing it again. 5/10

Overall 9.2/10

I steeped it this time in near boiling water 4X over 24 hours and the flavor seems deeper. I'm glad I got it again, French Vanilla is bomb too and it's my favourite "cheap" juice. Same as D00M - a little subtle but very nice and accurate flavor.

Great E liquid great price.

This juice flavour was subtle for me but it has a very nice and accurate flavour. It tastes like a blueberry donut and I am definitely not disappointed. I had my reservations ordering from this website but my worries were unfounded. Great taste and price. I will order again and try some of the other flavors. :)

Overall 8.9/10

It's difficult to emulate blueberry flavoring and to make it strong so I think they backed off the pastry a little because overall the flavor potency is a 8.7/10 but the blueberry's presence is more apparent than the pastry in every haul (tsunami dripper at 65w). Stays consistent and flavorful at high heat, no "burn" effect. I put a drop on my tongue and it hits potently with a realistic sharp blueberry sweetness that isn't overly-sweet that buckles down quickly into the pastry flavor but I'm not really sure what the "pastry" flavoring is because it's subtle and deep. Squeezing the bottle produces a nice deep berry smell. The blueberry seems to be 70% more present than the background of the pastry, which I think could have been better as a more bold background. It's not weak flavored and it's not strong flavored. It's definitely one of the better blueberry profile's I've had but it lacks in having that bold base of a donut to accompany the blueberry that would make it kind of high-end.


This juice is amazing for the price. Wish you guys had more flavors though. Have referred more than a few people who are sick of paying retail prices for quality juice. Will definitely order again.