French Vanilla Coffee Canada E-liquid


The key to a successful morning is a warm cup of coffee, the key to a successful day is a well paired vape. We've turned your favourite Coffee into an essential Cheap Canada E-liquid, and rounded it out with a rich creaminess and sweet vanilla. This is a fantastic Cheap Canada E-liquid coffee e-liquid to carry you through the day, and unwind with after a long night. 


TOP NOTES Coffee, Cream, Vanilla
EXPERIENCE Rich and Warm

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French Vanilla Coffee

This flavor is decent enough, although i probably wont order it again, i didn't know it was coffee i only saw french vanilla in the title and thought it was custard. not my cup of tea but the flavor is good enough

Worth buying a couple 140's

I got 3*140. As soon as I opened the wrapped package it just strongly wafted out. Initial taste test in a tsunami dripper at 65w without fresh wicks - it's good or a notch above. It's not great but the flavor profile is a hard 8.8/10. I put a drop on my tongue and there is a creamy, delectable sweetness with a HINTy-hint of coffee, it's not "bitter" until longer hauls and that hint of coffee-base comes out but still isn't bitter. It's not a strong coffee-based flavor, it's more vanilla+a little frenchyness. Flavor is consistent throughout back to back hauls. After blowing like 10 clouds and getting the wicks really saturated the flavor became more apparent with slightly-longer hauls, this juice probably likes higher heat. Swishing my tongue around there is more flavor from the vapor. I think these aren't pre-steeped and I would recommend doing it with this for a more potent flavor. It's basically a well-balanced sweet vanilla custard that'd be worth $35/120ml at your vape shop if it's their house juice. If this is their house juice, well done, this single flavor is better than other house-juice flavors I've come across. Being on salt nic with a minifit for the past 4 days I had to stop testing because I got nic dizzy [6mg]. It's not an "impressive flavor for the price", it's just an impressive flavor. It's not as flavor-potent as high end stuff but it's like 85% of that high-end stuff. This reminds me of Toronto Juice Co.'s Oh My Custard but without the spice/nutmeg. Clouds well for a 70vg. I think it would be better with a more solid background to accompany the sweetness, closer to a coffee's bitterness at a lower temp. I guess I'll skip the vape shop from now on, for $5 more I got twice as much juice and the flavor profile is nicer (I was paying $34/120ml). If the blueberry donut I ordered is anything like this I'll be more than happy with buying these 4*140's for $73 shipped. 4 stars because it's just not higher-end - so not basing this review on its great price!


French Vanilla Coffee Canada E-liquid

Tastes like a trip to timmies.

It tastes very much like a french vanilla coffee from tims. Good stuff. Will have to try it along side the blueberry donut when i open it and see how full of a timmies experience one can get out of vaping.

Great deal

Taste is a four but gets a 5 from me in smell, flavour and price, definitely a must try!