How long should my coils last?

Other than e-liquid, coils (sometimes called atomizers) are the only other thing to worry about replacing. Most people get about two weeks of usage from their coils before being replaced, however your mileage may vary depending on some variables. Cheap Canada E-liquid ensures we use only the best ingredients we can find for not only the best flavour, but the best life for your coils.

When choosing an e-liquid there are five major things to consider;

1. Flavour
  • Obviously this should be your number one concern, you want to make sure you have an e-liquid you're enjoying. There's enough choice out there to suit anyone's taste buds, and we've created a variety of e-liquids at Cheap Canada E-liquid to meet that wide range. Having your favourite e-liquid will give you the best sense of value for your coils.

2. Sweetener

  • One key promise we have at Cheap Canada E-liquid is we never use sweetener in any of our e-liquid. This is the fastest way to kill your coils. Sweeteners allow many popular e-liquids to have bursts of flavour in the initial inhale, which is great for sampling but quickly becomes overwhelming on longer vaping sessions. These sweeteners also gunk up on your coils and cause them to burn out quickly. We create our e-liquid for repeated long lasting vaping sessions without any added sweetener.

3. PG/VG  Ratio

  • Depending on your e-cigarette, a thicker e-liquid could spell trouble for your coils. Many brands use a high VG mix causing your e-liquid to be too thick for your coils to properly wick during longer vaping sessions. Mixtures as high as 80% VG are very common, while these are able to be vaped by most modern tanks without issue, smaller or older devices might struggle. Cheap Canada E-liquid mixes our e-liquid at a max of 70% VG, which we've found no matter what device you have you'll have the best experience.

4. Colour

  • An easy way to tell how e-liquid might affect your coils at first glance is to see what colour the e-liquid is. The darker the colour the harder it will be on your coils as a rule of thumb. Many darker e-liquid's gunk up on your coil and begin to burn ruining your coils and your vaping experience. Cheap Canada E-liquid uses lighter ingredients to ensure the longest life for your coils.

5. Price

  • What would this blog be without mentioning price? If you're here you already know the importance of good value. On some long days or laid back evenings, we can vape 20ml a day if not more easily. We picked up vaping to get away from the price tag of our previous habit. We strip away all the needless overcharging and provide the best Canadian e-liquid at the lowest price without any sacrifice to quality.

Now that you've got some knowledge on the subject, check out our e-liquid selection and bring home your new favourite e-liquid!


August 26, 2018 by Cheap Canada E-liquid