Are e-cigarette's safe?

It's probably the most important question we can ask. "Are e-cigarettes safe to use?" and it's a little hard to properly answer. The only real answer is 'Maybe', but there's a few things we can consider.

Are e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes?

One thing almost everyone agrees on, they're certainly better than you than cigarettes. Public Health England has said that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking. That's a pretty huge difference when trying to decide if you should make the swap to e-cigarettes. 

The Canadian government also recently looked favorably on e-cigarettes. While legislation is still ongoing, they've been referencing studies promoting the use of e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes.

The big thing to keep in mind though, e-cigarettes are not as safe as using neither. If you're not currently using cigarettes, we do not recommend becoming a vaper even casually. These should be treated as a quitting tool only. 

While e-liquid may have many varied and enjoyable flavours, they are a tool to assist quitting by finding some you like. They should not be used as a recreational device.

What makes e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes?

The main selling point of e-cigarettes is that they give you another way to get your nicotine addiction under control without all the other bad things in cigarettes. There's some misinformation that nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine. 

It's still highly recommended you treat nicotine as a dangerous substance, be careful while handling e-liquid, do not vape if you are pregnant, and consult with your doctor to make sure vaping is a good choice for your current health.

If you're currently a smoker, not only are you consuming nicotine but also all the other bad things you find in cigarettes. As everyone is well aware these are incredibly detrimental to your health but become very expensive. 

Switching over to e-liquid will allow you a much easier way to cut down on your nicotine level to make it easier to quit smoking and get away from the needless carcinogens. 

But if that's not enough to sway you, e-cigarettes are way cheaper. Stop wasting every paycheck on cigarettes and pick up an e-cigarette. Check out our menu of Cheap Canada E-liquid to find the right e-liquid at the best price for your collection.


September 18, 2018 by Cheap Canada E-liquid