Whats in e-liquid?


Cheap Canada E-liquid uses the best quality ingredients we can find with no fillers. All our e-liquid ingredients are certified food grade. By selling in bulk we can provide the lowest price e-liquid with no compromise. Our e-liquid has four main components, PGVG, Nicotine, and Flavouring

Each of these components is essential to providing the best possible experience and are vastly different in what they provide.


Propylene Glycol (PG)

The very base and most important part of a good e-liquid, PG is what carries the flavour in e-liquid so your plumes of vapor are delicious and satisfying. PG has a few noticeable characteristics;

Consistency - PG is the thinnest component of the e-liquid process, and this is a selling point of the mix. Being thinner allows the mixture to better easily wick into your coils to ensure smooth draws.

Flavourless - PG is also flavourless which means that your favourite Canadian e-liquid isn't being altered in any unpleasant way.

Throat Hit - Other than carrying flavour PG is what provides the familiar throat hit so many of us are chasing. A crucial step in getting away from analogs.


Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

This is what gives the vapor it's body. VG creates nice full clouds that allow you to get that full warm feeling. Though similar in appearance to PG, it's quite different.

Consistency - VG is much thicker than PG. It wicks slower into coils and is often the culprit of dry hits. Some people do prefer higher mixes of VG assuming their coils are properly suited for the thicker mix.

Flavour - While VG doesn't really have a flavour, it's somewhat sweet and can affect the overall tones of the flavour. All of our Cheap Canada E-liquid flavours are mixed with this in mind for the best balance.

Vapor Production - VG is what creates the clouds you vape. The more VG the bigger the vapor cloud your e-cigarette puts off. We blend all our Canadian E-liquid at a 70% VG mix for the perfect balance in any device.


E-liquid Nicotine

Here's where the strength of the e-liquid lies. Depending on your personal preferences your e-liquid nicotine needs will be different than others. We offer our strengths in a variety of options;

0mg - No nicotine e-liquid, if you've already kicked the habit or just want some flavour this is the best option for you.

3mg - A low but noticeable strength. 3mg e-liquid offers a comfortable experience mostly used by vapers who have almost quit or simply like the familiarity and prefer their e-liquid to have a kick.

6mg - Likely the most common, 6mg e-liquid is a good balance of strength and flavour. Most people vaping this are in the midst of their vaping experience though it's also not a bad place to start.

12mg - Fairly strong, we don't recommend 12mg e-liquid unless you are a heavy smoker or are using a smaller pod style device that produces less vapor.



What sets our e-liquid apart from others is not only the quality of the mentioned ingredients, but also the flavourings we choose to use.

All of our Cheap Canada E-liquid flavourings are certified food grade and tested to ensure the smoothest experience possible. We've worked for years to find the perfect blends for the best Canadian e-liquid and are now happy to offer them to you so you can enjoy them with us.


Now that you know more about what's in our e-liquid, check out our selection here!


October 16, 2018 by Cheap Canada E-liquid